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Calder Stewart Industries

Covered Yards


suited to match the particulars of your stock operations

Calder Stewart has been building custom designed Covered Yards for more than two generations and in the course of that time has met up with a wide range of requirements and settings for protecting farmers stock.

Calder Stewart Covered Yards are designed to ensure adequate space, light and controlled ventilation enter into the design, thus ensuring the efficient flow, well-being and protection of your stock. We are experts at yard design and layout, and have years of experience of building alongside existing infrastructure. Just as well, we are specialists in large clearspan Covered Yard design, which is ideally suited for larger herds and farm enterprises.

So whether it’s a modest sized or large scale project, Calder Stewart can deliver a customised solution matched to your specific needs. We are well known for the many projects we have completed for farmers over the years, which can be found throughout the South Island.

features and options

Canopy Options Available Along Open Side

Clearlight Roofing, Windows and Doors as Required

Efficient Rainwater Spouting Standard

Expertise in Yard Design and Layout

Premium Cladding and Finish Options



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