Calder Stewart Industries

What started as a two man operation
in 1955 has grown into a  multi-million dollar
business with staff, customers and offices
throughout New Zealand.

Although the complexity, size and diversity of the structures built by Calder Stewart has changed over the years, our commitment to traditional business values and sound construction practices has not. As a company we have always maintained an entrepreneurial outlook, supported by innovative thinking and constant dedication to excellent customer service. This approach has consistently been applied to the numerous and varied construction projects we have completed over the past 60 years. At the end of the day, it has been the word-of-mouth recommendation of satisfied customers that has most contributed to our reputation as a solid, reliable and capable builder for more than a generation.


Guided by a long term vision.
Calder Stewart is proud of its family owned and operated culture, allowing it to be guided by a long term strategic vision and capable of adapting to changing construction market conditions over the years. Today co-founder Bruce Stewart's four sons, Peter, Alan, Andrew and Donald both manage and work within the business, with Peter and Alan Stewart acting as joint managing directors. Calder Stewart is also proud of its distinct relationship with the Milton community, the place we have called home for more than a half a century. Despite our success and expansion to locations nationwide, the company has resisted relocating our main headquarters away from the community in which it was founded. Our recently completed Milton-based headquarters, awarded a gold reserve medal by New Zealand's Registered Master Builders in 2010 for its environmentally responsible design, is testament to our progressive thinking as a builder whilst maintaining traditional values as a committed employer of a multi-generational skilled workforce.

Brief Timeline
1955 Company Founded by Lance Calder and Bruce Stewart
1957 First of Many Woolsheds Built for Agricultural Market
1961 Structural Steel Shop Built in Milton
1964 Separate Steel Company Formed
1971 First of many Grain Silos Made, Iron Manufacture Begins
1978 Calder Stewart Diversifies into New Construction Markets
1979 First Forestry Block Purchased at 'Avon Glen'
1980 Orientation to Commercial Construction Begins
1984 More Forestry Blocks Purchased
1985 First Investment Project: Queenstown
1987 Peter and Alan Stewart Become Co-Directors of Calder Stewart
1990 First Development Property Purchased: Christchurch
1992 Eurotray Roofing Profile Developed for Te Papa Museum
1994 Focus on Larger Projects Adopted
1995 Calder Stewart Distribution Formed
1996 Expansion of Roofing Division  - Christchurch Offices Built
2002 Workforce Exceeds 275+
2005 Construction on ILT Velodrome (Invrcargill) Commences
2007 ILT Velodrome Wins 1st Place National Award - Registered Master Builders
2009 Revolution Hills, Calder Stewart's new Milton Headquarters Completed
2009 Christchurch Precast Facility Completed - Largest in the South Island
2010 Forestry's First Harvest of Radiata Pines from Avon Glen Begins
2010 Revolution Hills Receives Gold Award - Registered Master Builders
2011 Client Fonterra Awards Calder Stewart Contract for South Island's Largest Dry Store
2012 AON House: Calder Stewart's New Offices in Christchurch Completed
2013 Calder Stewart Receives Safety Award - Establishes Industry Leading Trend
2014 Expansion of Large Scale North Island Construction Operations
2015 New Offices in Auckland Opened - Workforce Exceeds 450+

Calder Stewart: Early History Photos