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Calder Stewart Industries
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Rural Buildings for the New Zealand Farmer

We've perfected the design and construction of rural buildings
by focusing on the things that matter most to New Zealand farmers...
quality construction & custom design.

For more than two generations, Calder Stewart has provided quality constructed Rural Buildings to the New Zealand farm industry. Farmers have chosen us over the years not only for our reputation as a quality builder, offering the best warranty in the industry, but also for our ability to go beyond the build by providing the custom design services we are known for. From the beginning our rural buildings met the approval and recommendation of a wide range of farmers, leading to our growth as a company and our emergence as a leading builder for the New Zealand farm place. Calder Stewart Construction has distinction of having us completed over 5000 Rural Buildings to date, that can be found throughout New Zealand.

Calder Stewart Rural Buildings are designed to last,
engineered to the highest possible standard of strength and durability
& built to stand the test of time.

All Calder Stewart Rural Buildings are built with strength and durability in mind. Whether it is a state-of-the-art rotary or herringbone dairy shed, a custom designed woolshed or covered yard, or other rural building type - including custom designed calf sheds, deer sheds or implement sheds - all of our buildings are conceived, engineered and built to stand the test of time. Singled out by the insurance industry as a best overall performer, farmers can be assured that the building they commission from us will represent the best value for their money and will perform reliably for them for years to come. It has been the recommendation of farmers themselves that has led to our reputation as a trusted name in the farm building industry.