Calder Stewart Industries

We've Built....

Specialty Bulk & Dry Stores

Specialty Cool & Cold Stores

Manufacturing & Fabrication Facilities

Materials Handling Warehouses

Factory Infrastructure Expansions

...and more

We've Built....

Multi-Story Commercial Offices

Business Headquarters & Premises

Specialty Retail Stores

Bulk Retail Outlets

Vehicle Showrooms

...and more

We've Built....

Automated and Standard Dairy Sheds

Fully Customised Woolsheds

Erected or Kitset Covered Yards

Wintering & Implement Sheds

Bins, Haybarns, Silos, Assessories

We've Built....

Indoor Sports Arenas & Swimming Pools

Open or Enclosed Covered Courts

Public Purpose Utility Plants

Primary/Secondary Educational Facilities

Multi-Story Parking Facilites

...and more

We Build Specialty Solutions

across multiple construction markets and for multiple building scales.

Got a special project?
Chances are we can build it.

With more than 50 years experience and a reputation to go with it, Calder Stewart continues to be known as a specialty builder with a track record that shows considerable strength and versatility. Having grown as a company, taking on projects for a wide range of clients, we can safely say that if you have a project, we can build it. That’s because we are experienced and familiar with meeting new challenges and benchmarks. Our building practices, which emerged from serving the rural marketplace, have today given us the expertise to build in steel and concrete across multiple markets and for multiple building scales and settings.

Our experience sets us apart and our resources make us distinct.