20 Don Street

Designed by McCulloch Architects, 20 Don Street is a joint venture between ourselves and Invercargill City Council, providing much needed modern office and hospitality space.

This commercial office building replaced Todd's Auction House, which had been a fixture in Invercargill for more than 120 years. Careful and expedient demolition of the former building was a key aspect of this project. It included accommodating archaeological authorities during the excavation phase, who had an interest in updating historical records of the site prior to the new office complex going up.

 Complete with a ground level cafe with attractive outdoor seating this project's design exhibits a distinctive layout and strong architectural character. Wood recycled from the old building has even been incorporated.

This project is an attractive home for local business clientele that also features a food and beverage venue. It has become a noteworthy success that has become an instant favourite within the Invercargill central business district.