Bascik Transport

Bascik Transport’s tagline reads, “Our business is getting yours from Auckland to the South Island”. This is fitting, since we have had a long-term relationship with Bascik originating in the South Island, and found ourselves this time around doing work for them in the North, at one of their hubs in Auckland. The project aimed to facilitate smoother North Island operations for the client and make better use of their existing land holdings.

RT Bascik Transport 017

The project was broken down into two phases. The first was the extension of their warehouse and the construction of a new canopy to enhance unloading and loading of their fleet of trucks. The second phase called for the construction of a two-tenant commercial building on existing land.

The canopy itself was a bit out of the ordinary insofar as it was specified to be free-standing. Measuring in at 42 metres wide, 35 metres deep and 12 metres high, covering an area of over 1400m2, it was finished with translucent clear light to allow maximum light into the work area below. An adjacent concrete yard was poured to complement the new logistics the canopy afforded.

Although known as an enterprise builder, at Calder Stewart, we are also mindful of the business relationships we create with our various clients. This project showcased our ability to make site remediations and enhancements, which is all part of being a building partner.