Chertsey Dairy Barn System

This project was driven by both a need to increase milk production and improve animal welfare.

Set on a 730ha block in Canterbury, this dairy farm is equipped with a feed pad that can take 700-800 cows. However, as soon as it starts raining, they can only really be left out for a day or so before running the risk of encountering animal health problems.


At Calder Stewart, we’ve built a strong relationship with barn equipment and technology leaders GEA, a company the client had also dealt with successfully over many years. This, and our reputation for quality rural builds, underpinned this project.

GEA's stalls and mattresses ensure the cows are comfortable. They installed brushes so the cows can have a good scratch whenever they want. And the GEA effluent scrapers work reliably and consistently.

For this client, the purpose of the dairy barn is to twofold. With calving three times a year it provides a comfortable place to keep the cows happy and holds the milk production through winter.

At 140m long by 38m wide this barn can house around 300 cows on each side.