To most Kiwis the name Dunninghams may not ring a bell, but if you happen to be in the sausage business, the brand is well known. As a butchery supplier, Dunninghams has been around for quite some time, nearly 100 years in fact. It has nonetheless kept pace with the changing needs in the meat industry. Today Dunninghams dispatches anything a butcher might need from several distribution centres located across the country.

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It was Dunninghams that contacted Calder Stewart Property in Christchurch looking for a premium parcel of land on which to relocate their South Island operations. As it turned out, we offered the client more than just a piece of land, we offered them a full design and build package on that land, that was then sold onto them. The project included a warehouse, designed to a high specification, with extra floor space to accommodate growth. Additionally, a front office section topped out the project. 

By Calder Stewart Property standards, it was a classic build, sourcing much building material used on the project from our own various building supply units. This included steel reinforcing and precast concrete panels and structural steel.

A unique challenge to the build was the need for high tolerance, perfectly flat concrete floors to support their state-of-the-art automated forklift system. Taking about 20 weeks to complete, Dunninghams has its new home for operations in the south in a new strategic location, immediately adjacent to key transport links.