Gallagher Fletcher Easysteel

A recent build in the Waikato area brought together three contractual parties in a complex mix, which included us, Fletcher EasySteel (whom we have previously built for) and property investor Gallagher Property.

The Gallagher name is well known in Waikato and is one of the largest family owned companies in the region. Getting its start in farming equipment and fencing, they have since grown into the Gallagher Group, having diversified across multiple business units with additional branches in America and Europe. Our role overlapped with Gallagher’s property investment team, acting as the go-between for themselves and Fletcher.

RT Fletcher Easysteel 010

The build itself took place on a parcel of land that was well researched from a “road and rail” perspective and was an ideal candidate for a lease agreement with Fletcher. But early talks between Gallagher and Fletcher had met difficulties in coming to common and mutual agreements on terms and conditions. It was then that Calder Stewart’s Alan Stewart entered the picture, assisting our Waikato team in delivering a design and build solution that all parties could agree on. The contract would insist the use of Fletcher reinforcing, steel and cladding within the project along with meeting the quality engineering requirements of Gallagher Property.

Our task was to meet and exceed these standards along with delivering a cost-effective solution that met a target budget and lease terms that both Fletcher and Gallagher could agree on. Value engineering was required with key trades to achieve budgets; valuable relationships were made between us and these key trades. Every one of their shop drawings was subjected to our design review in order to eliminate surprises in the field and streamline the build.

At the end of the day, all parties are pleased with the project’s outcome, with us solidifying our ongoing business relationship with Fletcher and striking up a new and promising one with the Gallagher Group.