Lusk Engineering

Historically speaking, many Calder Stewart construction projects have come through the door by ‘word of mouth’ recommendations, or in the case of repeat business, by jobs well done. Every once in a while however, our team goes ‘out and about’ to land that new contract, keeping in mind that what has been our specialty – offering businesses new custom-tailored premises within the scope of a flexible design and build programme – often sells itself.

Such was the case in Ashburton, with our team having heard of plans of a local business looking for a new facility. The firm, Lusk Engineering, had earned a reputation as a leading engineering supplier to the truck trailer-rig market, and word had it that they were looking to streamline and modernise operations with a brand-new fit-for-purpose facility.

RT 19 10 CS Ashburton 017

That is where our team entered the picture, with a competing builder having already priced the job. We were nonetheless able to submit better numbers, thanks to our vast in-house knowledge and 60 plus years of design and build experience.

This design and build job proceeded without a hitch and represented a big step forward for our client. The new facility was large enough to meet growing requirements; the 72m long and 20m wide workshop featured nine individual workspace bays with large roller doors, all suitable to support parallel engineering work to be done on multiple rigs. It was also equipped with two 5-tonne gantry cranes able to traverse all work areas in an efficient 2 manner. The single level 200m office at the front topped out the project and was handed over to the client for his own fit out options. Seen as a whole, the project fits the classic Calder Stewart design and build standard – a client pleased with both the price and the outcome.