Move Logistics

Calder Stewart has enjoyed a growing business relationship with Goodman, who develops, owns and manages high quality industrial property in Auckland. This time around, we were tasked with expanding and enhancing a property they owned on Highbrook Drive in East Tamaki. The property is leased out to their tenant, Move Logistics.

The property upgrade aimed to enhance their client’s logistics operations, which had seen growth and needed more room in which to conduct business.

So, for us, this tendered project included two mandates, the first to construct an extension to an existing full rack height warehouse and the second, to build an expansive canopy to facilitate and enhance ongoing truck operations, which were working continuously in parallel at a growing pace. In both cases, our construction team was required to ‘splice into’ existing steel frame infrastructure, which presented unique challenges. For this they were up to the task, having extensive experience in this area, having undertaken similar type projects of such size and scope in the South Island.

There was more than meets the eye in this venture, since it entailed conducting construction alongside the client’s day-to-day operations. Careful planning and building programme protocols had to be agreed upon, along with bringing key engineering expertise to the table.