NZ Windows

The Te Rapa Gateway initiative was from the get-go oriented to attract a diverse range of businesses interested in committing to lease agreements in situating their respective business premises.

Our role was to provide a design and build solution that could be ‘future proof’ – built to higher quality standards and flexible enough to meet the requirements of multiple tenants over the course of time. Another requirement was the height and breadth of the warehouse space itself and the flexibility it allows. Solar gain requirements and meeting environmental standards were also part of the design and build specifications we were required to meet.

NZ Windows 014 RT

Featured in this article is a unit leased to NZ Windows, the fourth in a series of what will be six facilities built on a block of land that Te Rapa Gateway owns and manages. It is exemplary of the multi-purpose design Te Rapa Gateway commissioned, which called for a 1,500m2 high stud warehouse and notable 200m2 two level office area at the front. 

These back to back builds were by no means a given when we first started work for Te Rapa Gateway in 2015.

It was the successful partnership with them and the performance of our team on the first build that led to a succession of subsequent builds – going from strength to strength in completing multiple units. Having our equipment on-site has allowed us to be ‘up and running on the next build’, and so save on costs, extending these to the client. Of note has been our collaborative approach to project management, with project completions coming in ahead of schedule, allowing early occupancy of tenants and early revenue for Te Rapa.