Pack Tech

When plastic goods manufacturer Pack Tech ran out of space they turned to us for a purpose designed and built facility that maximised site potential and met production needs now and into the future. Taking key learnings from past projects and combining them with our influence over so many areas of construction not only got this project over the line in a short timeframe, we did it so Pack Tech could maintain continuity of service and supply throughout the process.

CSC Packtech 07

The move happened in three, critically timed phases. Administration moved first, followed one week later by warehouse and stock. But the key date was moving production; any delays would impact production, which would result in unhappy customers. Through excellent planning and time management, everything went smoothly and was completed in just five days.

The building is essentially a warehouse but within that space is a purpose-built production facility. This build required a positive pressurisation to the production room to keep dust out. The system we’ve installed here was designed to 25 pascal pressure, something it achieves running at 60% capacity, so there’s more ability within the system.

To build for the future and allow Pack Tech room to grow, design considerations were included right from the project’s start. Pack Tech can expand simply by adding on a few production modules, a wall and ceiling and extending the crane rails. There is also scope at the rear of the site for more warehouse capacity. This extension has been pre-approved during the initial consent phase so accommodating growth can be quick and easy.