Pack Tech

With over 18 years' experience designing and manufacturing injection and extrusion blow moulded plastics, it wasn't a matter of if, but when Pack Tech would require new premises they can continue to grow in. Turning to us for a purpose built facility that maximised their site's capability, the goal was to build a production warehouse that can meet future demand, house stock and also provide space for their corporate offices.

One unique aspect of the project was building a production facility inside what is essentially a warehouse, a 'building within a building'. The facility required a positive pressurisation in order to meet health and safety requirements, and we were able to install a system that achieves the 25 pascal pressure requirement they need. Running at only 60% capacity, the design of this system allows for future growth done the track.

Future-proofing Pack Tech's capabilities even further, we recognised during planning stages that we could construct their warehouse in such a manner that should they need to expand, all that is required is a few extra walls, production modules and crane rails -  maximising their footprint on the current section only when they need to. By applying for consent during this project, all they need to do is call when it's time to grow again.

Crucial to this project was making sure that Pack Tech could keep up with their current orders and the needs of their customers; a challenge we solved by adhering to strict deadlines that ensured each move could take place on time. Administration shifted in one week, followed by warehouse and stock the week after. Having everything in place for them to shift production last in a timely manner was key to minimising downtime and it was achieved smoothly in just five days - two days ahead of schedule.