Ports of Auckland Drystore

Ports of Auckland was implementing Stage 1 of its Wiri Intermodal Freight Hub Crossdock programme and was intending to build a warehouse on reclaimed land on what was formerly an old log yard.

Ports of Auckland Drystore 2

Despite the straightforward requirements for warehousing, an area we are design and build specialists in, the land reclamation requirements were extensive. Part of the project’s overall aim was the reclamation of 10,000m2 of land, to be converted to usable roading and site works proximate to the building itself.

To ready the site for construction, excavation of existing soft organic material down to a basalt layer, as much as 5.5m deep in some areas, was required, as was the extraction of tree stumps of considerable size. In this, our extensive Christchurch rebuild and earthworks experience proved advantageous.

Ports of Auckland’s 3,500m2 warehouse is accented by a large number of canopied bays to support parallel material handling operations. Adjoining the building is 160m2 of office space.