Real Journeys

“Love every moment” is the tagline for Real Journeys, which is widely regarded as a leader in the New Zealand tourism industry. We had the good fortune to take on a tendered commission for the company at Walter Peak High Country Farm on the western shores of Lake Wakatipu.

The project called for the construction of an amphitheatre and supporting utility sheds in what is most definitely a remote location, for visitor and builder alike. Our team was required to be resourceful in getting building supplies and construction gear to the site – and so in
a sense – the build itself was something of a ‘real journey with special moments’ for our Otago construction team.

RT Walter Peak Pavillion 4

The project’s main structure, an amphitheatre for farm shows, was exceptional in several respects. Its unique architectural design, with dynamic angular roofing plates and tilted tubular steel columns required our team to apply their know-how in getting things done. All structural steel for the project was fabricated at our plant in Milton, which included many one-of-a-kind curvilinear pieces; ones that needed to fit precisely once in the field. The pavilion’s perimeter wall was constructed using southern beech and clad in attractive schist rock.

The result is an impressive seating facility that Real Journeys uses to educate and entertain on the ‘ins and outs’ of farm life, including shearing and sheep dog demonstrations. Our team was called upon to build the timber sheep pens as well, which was right up our alley as a company that first got started as a rural builder. 

The completed amphitheatre is an integral part of the farm tour experience that Real Journeys offers to the public. We were proud to be part of this unique tourism destination.