SouthPac Trucks

Colonial Motor Company was seeking to establish a servicing centre for its dealership, SouthPac Trucks in the Christchurch area. SouthPac offers a wide range of premium truck brand names to the New Zealand transport market. This outlet was designed to service the South Island.

After consultation with the client, we offered a design and build solution located on a parcel of land in our Hornby Quadrant development.

The project was divided into several key fit-to-purpose functions. The first of these was a multiple-bay truck servicing area that includes specialised pits and drive-through capabilities. The orientation of the building was optimised to allow trucks to make access and egress to the servicing areas an easy matter.

At the front of the facility, a modern two level office section and showroom area were commissioned.

And along the facility’s perimeter, ample yard space was provided that could be used to flexibly park and showcase truck inventory on a rotating basis.