Tru-Bilt Industries

Tru-Bilt Industries is a New Zealand based designer, manufacturer and supplier of world-class steel safety systems. They have enjoyed a long-term relationship as a supplier to us, providing steel safety bollards and certified barrier systems for many of our projects over the years. This time around however roles changed, with us supplying a design and build solution to the recognised national brand headquartered in Dunedin.

It was our Auckland design team that provided initial concept designs and our Milton-based design crew that brought these to fruition. The final design addressed the client’s need for a new expanded manufacturing facility to accommodate their growth.

The design also addressed Tru-Bilt’s strong sense of brand. To accommodate this, the design called for a liberal use of dark-tinted glass on the building’s front, part of its 700m2 two-level office, which combines the use of precast concrete panel with the strong architectural character that ACP panel provides.

By preference the client chose to handle the fitouts themselves, so our role was to turnaround the structure itself, which we did in short order, taking only five months to complete. With finishing touches of the facility now underway, this project stands as another example of our resources as a design and build provider.