Umbers Street

Wanaka is undergoing significant growth, as witnessed with the emergence of the Three Parks Development, now well underway. Three Parks aims to advance a long-range development strategy across multiple sectors, including business, commercial and residential construction on the large tract land on the other side of Wanaka’s Ballantyne Road.

Calder Stewart fits into this picture in a couple of ways. Firstly, we are pleased to announce the contract to build a new Mitre 10 Mega outlet on this tract of land and construction has already begun on this project. Secondly, we are proud to showcase another recent project for developer entrepreneur Allan Dippie, founder of Willowridge Development, the driving force behind Three Parks we have undertaken multiple projects on his behalf.

Featured here is a unit development on Umbers Street.The facility fills a particular niche in the emerging commercial/retail market in the area, namely one for small to mid-sized clients needing both a storefront and parking along with an unencumbered delivery and service area at the back. Our team was able to complete the facility in short order and is now undertaking another building, similar in size and design – just next door. These back to back builds are exemplary of a strong relationship that Calder Stewart enjoys with the client and his ongoing and quite ambitious long-term development plans for the area.