Waikato Dairy Barn

In conjunction with GEA Farm Technologies, we undertook a design-build project to create a world-class dairy barn system for third generation Waikato dairy farmer, Aman Singh. Completed in April 2018, the Singh dairy barn shows how excellence in industrial design and construction leads to exceptionally happy dairy cows, and a significant lift in farm production.

 The resulting 245 metre long barn and shift from a traditional pastoral grazing system to a ‘cut-and-carry’ feed system enabled a lift in on-farm cow numbers from 600 to 1,000, along with an impressive lift in per-cow output of 10-15%. This productivity increase has been achieved while also reducing environmental impacts, nitrogen loading, and de-stocking on the land itself.

Dairy Barns are typically designed for three things: function, cost efficiency, and providing an operational benefit to the farm. This dairy barn is a category leader on all three fronts. But, because of Council planning concerns and visual impacts of the size and location of the building, the design had to be given close consideration to ensure minimal impact of the landscape whilst still providing a practical and functional building.

To meet Waikato Regional Council standards, the height of the barn structure was designed lower than would typically be the case; this was achieved by using an 18-degree pitched roof which allowed the barn to not intrude in the surrounding landscape.