Dairy sheds

Our dairy sheds are custom designed around your budget and milk production goals. That’s why we include newer, more productive technologies into the dairy sheds we offer.

For farmers whose goal is to keep pace with the industry and its trends, we offer fully automated ‘unattended’ milking systems along with a full range of customised herringbone and rotary dairy shed types.

Yards are expertly designed to match your herd size, and settings, optional lean-to structures and vet platforms are also available. 

We offer the widest range of state-of-the-art options in dairy shed design and have extensive experience in providing custom solutions that meet your production requirements, herd size and overall budget.

Features and options

  • Fully automated, herringbone and rotary shed options available
  • Optional lean-to structures, vet platforms, roofs over crush, artificial insemination races available
  • Circular or rectangular yards customised to herd size.