Wintering sheds

It’s well recognised in the industry that protecting and maintaining pasture is a major bonus. And having a custom built Calder Stewart wintering shed for your stock is the perfect way to accomplish this.

Our wintering sheds, offered in a wide variety of configurations and sizes, allow your stock to feed while you maintain your pasture and jumpstart early grass development as the spring season arrives. Shed configurations can include fully operational automatic effluent scrapers, feed troughs, dedicated standing and sleeping areas that can be raised, along with feed pads and feed silo foundations – all depending on your overall goals, preferences and budget.

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Features and options

  • Specialist design in accommodating large herd sizes
  • Automatic effluent scraping options available
  • Mattress/matting options to promote herd comfort
  • Bale size, clearance options
  • Premium structural steel design.