Health and safety

We have achieved the highest level of attainable accreditation within New Zealand’s ACC Workplace Safety Management programme.

Preventing injuries in the workplace is more than just a target to aim for. It’s a mindset we all bring to work every single day. Because of this, we are continuing to see a steady reduction in workplace injuries, with injury frequency rate now the lowest it has been since record keeping began.

As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting the health and safety of our workforce we have a full time Health and Safety Manager who oversees the entire spectrum of health and safety related issues across the company.

In-house safety reviews

In order to better track and prevent workplace and lost time injuries (LTI), we conduct regular in-house safety audits. Although accidents do happen, being mindful of hazards allows us to pre-emptively avoid them.

Compared with ACC construction industry statistics, our safety performance places us among the leaders in the New Zealand construction industry.

Health and safety policy

We are committed to ensuring that all work undertaken is completed in a professional, safe and environmentally acceptable manner. Our policy on safety and health, together with appropriate codes of practice and relevant legislation, forms the minimum standard by which our work is carried out.

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