Health and safety policy

At Calder Stewart, we are committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment and ensuring all work undertaken is completed in a professional, safe and environmentally acceptable manner. Our Health and Safety Management System, together with relevant legislation, and appropriate codes of practice and guidelines, will form the minimum standard by which our work will be carried out.

Our Health and Safety Management System has been developed to ensure that:

  • We identify workplace risks and appropriate controls are put in place;
  • Workplace injuries, accidents and near misses are accurately reported and recorded and investigated in a timely manner;
  • An early return to work for injured employees is facilitated in a safe and controlled manner;
  • Workplace exposures do not adversely affect workers’ health and regular health monitoring supports this;
  • Drug or alcohol impairment does not affect workplace safety;
  • Provisions are made to provide appropriate Health and Safety training, including providing information, supervision and instruction as required;
  • Workplace environments and facilities are designed, constructed and maintained to provide safe working conditions;
  • We encourage worker consultation and participation in all Health & Safety matters;
  • Vehicles, plant and equipment are selected and maintained so as to minimise the risk of harm related to their use;
  • Regulations, legislative requirements, codes of practice and Industry Best Practice standards are adhered to; and,
  • There are regular audits for compliance with our Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.

We are committed to providing and maintaining safe systems of work with a program of continual improvement of Health and Safety management performance, including the development of initiatives to eliminate workplace injury and illness.

All staff and contractors working on our behalf will demonstrate a commitment to workplace Health and Safety, as this is an integral part of how we do business. This document is the principle authority for Calder Stewart Health and Safety Management System but does not take precedence over any duties contained within the current Health and Safety Legislation.