100 Moorhouse - Christchurch

Posted 10 Oct 2014

Another Completion for Developer Paul Kelly

Christchurch - The recently completed 100 Moorhouse Ave project is off to a great start and is approaching full occupancy. This new commercial office retail complex, the fourth completed by Site Manager ANTS McGINN and his team in Christchurch, was once again built for developer Paul Kelly. To be sure, the succession of projects completed by Ant’s team along Moorhouse has really stacked up, and is making a difference in this section of town.

This time around, Paul Kelly chose to bring in architect Tim Dagg from Sheppard & Rout, whose aim was to keep the design both enduring and simple. The building uses Corten steel on its rear exterior, which faces a predominantly industrial area. The front is detailed with a horizontal louvre canopy running the entire length of the complex. A recessed outdoor area is integrated with the canopy scheme, which itself is engineered as are other elements of the building, to maximise energy savings.

One of the key challenges of being first in the rebuild cycle was the need to meet new engineering, structural and fire requirements. Regional manager ADRIAN MATHIESON explains, “The team did fantastically well complying with the new regulations and keeping the build on track. Inspections are more thorough now, and the costs can spiral if you don’t pass the first time around”.

Calder Stewart is currently building a new workshop on Kelly’s Steven St Stadium site. “It’s been fantastic working with Paul over the years. He has a real passion for Christchurch and his enthusiasm is infectious”, says Adrian.