299 Durham Street

Posted 1 Sep 2015

Newest Commercial Office & Retail Complex Ready for Tenants

Once again, Calder Stewart Site Manager DOUG SMITH and his construction team have turned out a stunning project, from both an aesthetic and a structural engineering point of view. 299 Durham Street, a four level 3300m² commercial office and retail complex, nears completion and awaits occupancy. Once fully occupied, the complex, located in Christchurch’s CBD, will house eight tenants.

The structure itself incorporates 24-metre deep screw piles and implements new technology—a Precast Seismic Structural System (PRESSS)— that meets Importance Level 3 (IL3) building requirements. This is one of only a few buildings in Christchurch that have utilised this earthquake design concept since the events of February 2011.

299 Durham Street was designed by Christchurch architects Sheppard and Rout, a firm our construction team has worked with in the past. Including both marble & granite finishes and clad with aluminium composite panel, the building exhibits a unique patina. “There were very high expectations on this project, and the results achieved are a credit to the team,” says Regional Manager ADRIAN MATHIESON. The building’s primary client was very involved with the architect on the project’s overall specification. The result has been an outcome that exhibits a distinct quality and presence in the area. “Close communication really paid off. It will be a notable addition to the CBD rebuild landscape,” Adrian adds.

During the build, traffic management presented unique challenges, since the small footprint construction site sat adjacent to both a high-traffic footpath area and a parallel tram route. Site Foreman MATT KENNEDY and Leading Hand SCOTT RIGHTON rose to the challenge and were instrumental in keeping the project on track and with a zero-incident safety record.