60 More Bales & Counting

Posted 21 Mar 2014

Another Dairy Shed Goes Up Near Temuka

Ashburton - Calder Stewart Construction is pleased to announce the completion of another dairy shed, this time a 60 bale rotary unit for client Schrider Dairy, located near Temuka in South Canterbury. The entire fast-tracked project  from design to completion took only three months - all in order to be ready for the next milking season.

“On a build like this you know that the farm can’t operate without the right infrastructure. We had to make sure that we could build the shed in the off-season so that there was zero business interruption throughout the milking season” says Construction Manager DONALD SUTTON.

This next generation dairy shed design features solar powered backing gates, “The solar powered gates keep things tidy, where there are no messy wires or cables, which just adds to the practicality of the design,” says Donald.

And as Site Foreman TIM WESTWOOD likes to mention, “The end result has been a custom designed state-of-the-art dairy facility delivered on time where both client and cows weren’t kept waiting - something in which - I like to think - both parties were well pleased.”