A Rugged High-Country Build

Posted 21 Mar 2014

Earnscleugh Station in Central Otago Now Completed

Milton - As New Zealand’s agriculture industry continues ito grow, even larger and more sophisticated construction requirements have become the standard.

Such is the case with a recent Calder Stewart rural project: a large combined woolshed / covered yards complex at Earnscleugh Station, situated outside of Alexandra in Central Otago’s high country.

“The project was a total of 1875m2, which included an eight stand woolshed - so it’s very large, not your typically sized woolshed and definitely the biggest I’ve worked on,” explains SHANE MCDONALD, Calder Stewart’s Rural Project Manager. “We took charge of the design as well as the build, a role we are known for.”

“The Central Otago District Council has certain design restrictions, which meant final elements such as the overall colour scheme and roofing had to be selected from a pre-approved set of guidelines,” says Shane. Another aspect unique to the project was the very rocky terrain of the construction site itself.

“I’m really proud of the sheer size of this project. Our rural building team really came together and are ready to tackle more projects of the same scale and size, as client requirements dictate,” Shane finishes.