Another Feather in Our Cap

Posted 14 Oct 2013

Tegel’s Advanced Technology Hatchery Goes Online

Christchurch - Calder Stewart has a reputation for building projects in record time, however ‘fast track’ construction took on a whole new meaning with this state of the art hatchery for client Tegel.

Built on two hectares within Calder Stewart Development’s Hornby Quadrant (HQ), this newly completed hatchery is the first to be built in New Zealand since the 1970s. Much of the plant was imported from Belgium and France, making the hatchery the first of its type in Australasia and a showcase for the developers of the technology.

Constructed of a steel frame, lattice truss, Mega 5 roofing and specialist wall and ceiling cladding of PIR insulated panel, the 3,600m2 hatchery is built to international hygiene standards and went from concept to completion in just under 12 months.  Client Manager HERMAN VAN HEREL doesn’t believe that such a fast turnaround would be possible for such a project without Calder Stewart’s unique vertcally integrated business model. “Staging the design and construction was the only way to get traction and that’s why having us on board at the concept stage worked so well. We were able to expedite foundation and floor slab work, followed by erecting the steel frame and then focus on what was necessary to support the building’s services”, says Herman.

With the hatcheries themselves being prefabricated in Belgium, along with all the plant, the facility’s infrastructure and services needed to be built to exacting standards; floor level tolerances were absolutely critical - there was no room for error.

Several specialist trades were brought in to design and build custom made components that would be integrated into the building’s structure, such as mechanical, fire, pipe and hydraulic services, including specialty slotted floor drains and custom catchment baskets.

At stages of the project there were in excess of 100 people from different trades working 7 days a week – no mean feat for project management. This was made even more impressive by the fact the site team managed to maintain an impeccable safety record with no lost time injuries!

Herman says the project has been demanding and an extreme technical challenge, “but it’s been hugely rewarding - representing another feather in the our cap. Completing this advanced facility incorporating industry leading technology has been a real priviledge to work on.”

“The team environment throughout the build was really positive between ourselves and all the sub-contractors, and we have developed a great working relationship with Tegel.” A sentiment Tegel obviously shares, having recently awarded another project to the Christchurch Construction team, a new grain store building.