AON House

Posted 12 Dec 2012

A Look at Our New Christchurch Offices

Christchurch - Officially opened by Prime Minister John Key in August and housing the new Canterbury offices of New Zealand’s largest insurance broker, AON House represents a firm commitment to the Christchurch rebuild and to the future, both for Calder Stewart and our client, AON New Zealand.

To design the two-storey office complex, Calder Stewart selected Mason & Wales Architects, New Zealand’s oldest architecture firm and trusted collaborator. “We wanted something that reflected a progressive business style,” says Canterbury Construction Manager ADRIAN MATHIESON.

The 2,000sq. metre office began going up in late 2011 and went smoothly with aftershocks no barrier to timely completion. Built to the new earthquake standards and extremely robust, its nonetheless elegant and light finish features aluminium panel cladding, aluminium joinery and horizontal louvres making for an impressive overall build and architectural statement.

The building was ready for AON New Zealand to relocate from their temporary offices in August. AON are extremely pleased to be one of the first companies to open doors on new office space in Christchurch since the February 2011 quake. As are Adrian and the rest of the Calder Stewart Christchurch team who moved their headquarters there a few weeks later.

AON House is the first major construction on Calder Stewart’s Development'sBlenheim Road Business Park initiative and the latest addition to a growing portfolio of upscale commercial office building projects in the area. Select sites adjacent to AON House are available and ready for commercial development. Interested parties are encouraged to contact KEVIN ARTHUR - Development Manager.