At the Apex

Posted 14 Nov 2012

National Car Rental Firm Builds Near Airport

Christchurch - This new facility was built for Apex Car Rentals, New Zealand’s largest homegrown car rental company. Only two minutes from Christchurch airport, the new facility sits on a 10,000m2 site which boasts a parking capacity for 390 rental cars at a given time.

The 1,285m2  building itself was designed to support two primary functions; a public front section, to support customer reception and pick up/drop off activities; and a private rear section - to support fleet maintenance which includes a multi-car garage, workshops, grooming and washing areas.

As Site Manager DOUG SMITH remarked, “It has several architectural design features that add not just to its aesthetic finish, but functionality, including a covered walkway and entrance canopy designed to prevent customers getting wet when loading/unloading cars.”