Auction of Carisbrook Memorabilia

Posted 14 Oct 2013

Raising Over $200,000 for the Community

Dunedin - When Calder Stewart Development bought Carisbrook, commonly referred to as Dunedin’s ‘House of Pain’, a firm commitment to salvaging the facility’s unique memorabilia prior to demolition and site development was made.

As a result, it was decided that the best people to salvage contents and make sure proceeds from auctions went to the best causes would be local Rotary clubs. And the decision has not been proven wrong; Carisbrook has been picked over with a fine tooth comb - all with an eye to fund-raising - which has been considerably successful.

The Carisbrook Rotary Project Committee, a combination of the nine Rotary clubs in Dunedin, Mosgiel and Milton has thus far raised over $200,000.00 by selling Carisbrook memorabilia through various outlets. As part of their campaign, they attracted former Otago rugby player and All Black, Marc Ellis to front for the sale. Through a combination of giant garage sales, TradeMe auctions and a number of other fund-raising events, the committee has auctioned and sold off items including: Carisbrook’s goalposts auctioned for $10,000, seats sold for $25 each, boxes of in-goal turf sold for $100 and last but not least, benches from the Rose Stand, restored by Dunedin’s Cargill Enterprises and sold for $500 each as garden benches – the first two of which sold for $2,000 at charity auction!

Calder Stewart has also gifted the Neville Street Turnstile Building, which has a New Zealand Historic Places Trust Category 1 Classification and an adjacent parcel to the Dunedin City Council for a proposed ‘pocket park’.