Brace Yourself

Posted 14 Oct 2013

2 Hazeldean Business Park Project Nears Completion

In an effort to find an innovative building solution for post-quake Christchurch, a steel structure approach was the preferred option for 2 Hazeldean Road, now going up as part of phase two of Calder Stewart Development’s Hazeldean Business Park initiatives. Working closely with the engineering team, the project uses buckling restraint braces (BRB) - part of a unique bracing system brought in from the US. Its use represents a first, not only for Calder Stewart, but for the New Zealand construction industry as well.

The system can absorb a tremendous amount of energy without yielding during an earthquake. A feature of the BRB braces is that they can easily be replaced if damaged, keeping business interruption to a minimum for tenants. Another key benefit is the ability of the bracing system to lighten the structure by relieving the load on the building’s piles, allowing less extensive groundwork in territory that is often unsuitable or highly expensive to pile.

The building’s 4 level steel frame structure was quickly constructed within six weeks and, as the project nears completion, tenancy fitouts are well underway. “All of the upper floors and half of the ground floor are already leased,” notes Development Manager KEVIN ARTHUR, who is clearly proud of the project.

2 Hazeldean finds itself in the hub of a section in Christchurch, where new bars, restaurants and shops, not to mention other office developments are springing up. And from all appearances, it looks like 2 Hazeldean will fit in quite well with its new surroundings.