Calder Stewart Roofingsmiths

Posted 15 Oct 2013

Born from a Simple Idea

Invercargill - Calder Stewart Roofingsmiths was born from a simple idea – to build on the 40 year reputation of Calder Stewart Roofing’s product line – known for its quality and wide acceptance amongst builders and architects nationwide. Roofingsmiths, as an authorised network of roofing installation professionals, aims to reinforce the Calder Stewart brand – especially in the residential roofing market.

As General Manager of Calder Stewart Roofing JOHN D’ARCY explains, “Calder Stewart as a construction enterprise hasn’t traditionally been involved in residential construction, so when we sell products to this market it’s often third party roofers doing the installation. We identified this as a natural opportunity to form Roofingsmiths, as a way to not only ensure the use of our premium quality products, but as a way ensure professional quality installation services to this market.”

And so far John’s theory is proving right, with Roofingsmiths branches now opening up in Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Wanaka and Queenstown. And on the marketing side of things, new initiatives include the deployment of a fresh new website and a host of catchy direct mail flyers. Currently Roofingsmiths is actively looking for interested roofing professionals to join its authorised installation network nationwide.