Capturing a New Market

Posted 1 Oct 2014

New Initiative Targets Dairy Farm Decision Makers

Ashburton - While the agriculture industry has grown in the last 20 years, some of the fundamental methods have changed little. With productivity needing to be balanced alongside an evolving regulatory environment and the opportunity to extend the milk production season, dairy barn systems are becoming a topic of discussion amongst dairy farmers.

Calder Stewart expects that the market for Dairy Barns will grow significantly as more and more of the advantages are brought to the attention of the dairy industry. “A sizeable investment in a Dairy Barn System needs to be proven to make business sense”, says Construction Manager DONALD SUTTON. “As a dairy farmer myself, I’ve seen the benefits first-hand, and it does seem that the general opinion is changing”, Donald continues. The team at Calder Stewart is well placed to provide expert advice on the construction of these systems from an end-to-end perspective.

Our design and build infrastructure team can tailor a perfect fit to the individual farmer’s specific requirements.