Countdown @ Rangiora

Posted 14 Mar 2012

Snow, Shakes and Soil Prove No Competition

14/03/2012 - Christchurch -Completed in December 2011, Rangiora’s new Countdown supermarket overcame a number of hurdles along the way, including record snowfalls, critical soil issues and ongoing aftershocks. Sleek, bold and impressive, the project is a perfect example of Calder Stewart’s “can do” approach, and one the Christchurch team can be extremely proud of.

Project Manager DOUG SMITH observes that the contract attracted attention “as there was a lot of uncertainty in the industry” following the Christchurch quakes. Awarded the build in April, construction began in May, scarcely pausing when Christchurch saw record snow levels in July.

Doug points to a strong and co-operative working relationship with Countdown owner Progressive Enterprises as key to the project’s success, helping Calder Stewart overcome logistical issues such as soil quality, after the site’s previous occupants had caused ground contamination. Until testing had taken place, no soil could be removed from the construction site, but Calder Stewart was never going to let “a few piles of dirt” delay the project and the 3,800m2 precast building went up right on schedule.

The team also took the aftershocks in their stride. The building held up admirably under the heavy shake of December 23rd 2011, needing only minor repairs in advance of its official opening.

Construction was completed on time with Progressive extremely pleased with the results. So pleased so, that the company brought in Calder Stewart on another project – the expansion of their Christchurch distribution centre.