Dairy Conversion

Posted 21 Sep 2011

Hawea Flat - Wanaka District

21/09/2012 - Milton - Converting several thousand hectares of Hawea Flat idryland farm to dairy pasture outside Fonterra’s local district meant Jim Cooper, of Devon Dairies, would be hauling the milk himself. Jim needed modern milking units that integrated seamlessly into the whole operation.

Enter Joint Managing Director PETER STEWART and his local construction team, who happened to build a 54-bale rotary unit and 40-a-side herringbone for Jim in no time flat - Hawea Flat that is. Today Devon Dairies is benefiting with its modern milking units already online & being very productive.

Rural buildings have formed an essential part of Calder Stewart’s construction history from day one back in 1955. The Devon Dairies Hawea Flat project is just another example of Calder Stewart’s design & build expertise as a builder for New Zealand’s evolving rural sector.