Entertainment heart of Christchurch shifts up a gear

Posted 9 Oct 2017

Construction of the much-anticipated new EntX Entertainment Central development is well underway and on track for a blockbuster opening in September 2018. With a HOYTS cinema complex upstairs and a unique ground floor dining precinct, this is a project to get excited about.

Inspired by some of the world’s most popular food destinations, the downstairs dining precinct will be populated by a diverse range of eateries and hospitality providers, while upstairs the complex features seven screens, including two Xtremescreens and two LUX auditoriums. 

Driven by leading New Zealand construction company Calder Stewart, a distinct and defined construction methodology has been adopted for this build. To assist in the early fit-out, the project has been divided into six phases advancing progressively across the site. The foundations, base-build structure and base-build architectural construction have been programmed starting from the south side to north.

Progress as of September 2017 (estimated 12 months from completion)

  • building precast concrete and steel structure construction - 60% complete
  • foundations - 90% complete
  • services fit-out in the first 280+ seat Dolby Atmos cinema – commenced
  • steel structure for the first of two fully catered ‘Lux’ cinemas – complete
  • precast concrete structure for two smaller cinemas – nearing completion

Target completion milestones by Christmas 2017

  • 100% of structural steel and precast panel construction
  • External structure completed for all 7 cinemas
  • 50% of services fit out for cinemas
  • Level 1 and 2 floor slabs completed
  • 30% of external architectural cladding completed
  • 70% of acoustic roofing complete

For more information please contact Mark Weaver.