Fonterra Safety Award

Posted 21 Sep 2013

Proud of Our Contributing Role

21/09/2013 - Milton - Wihen Fonterra’s new Darfield Plant received two high-profile Health and Safety awards, it was clear that Calder Stewart had played its on-site part to perfection. As a principal contractor on the 14 month project, Calder Stewart was on board from the word go with Fonterra’s focus on safety as an issue of paramount importance.

As a result Calder Stewart’s construction team became a key player with Fonterra’s Darfield Major Capital Project Group, whose charter sought to unify all the project’s contractors under the banner of co-operative and innovation safety practices. By fostering a collaborative environment based on mutual respect, the charter introduced several innovations designed to lower barriers to co-operation on safety-related issues. One innovation was encouraging contractors to share Health and Safety information and assisting each other in incident investigations. The initiative was responsible for a 55% reduction in the total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) and, at a time when the industry average for this KPI is 70, the Darfield project rated an extraordinarily healthy 8.

As a result, the project had the distinction of winning two awards. The first, ‘Putting People First’ was awarded by Fonterra itself, for outstanding achievement in the company’s global Health and Safety initiatives. The second, falling under the ‘ACC Best Leadership of an Industry Sector or Region’ category, was presented at the Safeguard 2013 Safety Awards ceremony, a gala dinner at Auckland’s Sky City, which was hosted by TV personality Petra Bagust. Attended by RAY McLELLAN and PETER STEWART and representatives from the principal Darfield contractors, the event saw over 450 people celebrating a range of successful Health and Safety initiatives. The award itself cited a “community of people” approach to reducing TRIFR and recognised that the team had achieved “a culture change on a construction site ... by providing a safe environment where people changed their assumptions, beliefs and behaviours.”