Future of Roofing @ Calder Stewart

Posted 14 Dec 2012

New Roofing Factory Aims to Meet Growing Demand

Hornby, Christchurch - Calder Stewart Roofing is pleased to announce the opening of a new roofing factory in the Christchurch area. The decision to move to expanded premises in Christchurch reflects the company’s steady growth, as well as increased demand for product coming from the construction division. The Hornby location of the facility is meant to directly support activities related to the Christchurch rebuild and promises to double or even triple the division’s production going forward. The new facility complements Calder Stewart Roofing's long operating facility in Invercargill.

We’re looking 10-15 years into the future,” explains Roofing General Manager JOHN D’ARCY, whose team moved into the 1,800sq. metre facility on Labour Weekend, 2012.

Existing machinery was relocated from the company's previous facility on Wrights Road, along with new additions like a 6-tonne full width crane to streamline operations.

Local demand for commercial roofing products like Mega 5 means the new facility may also become home to the division’s commercial roll formers. “We’re positioning ourselves strategically for the future,” explains John, pointing to the prospects of large scale commercial development set to happen in the immediate area. Reduced freight costs for Canterbury construction projects means that Mega 5 is looking more attractive than ever.

Meanwhile, the company has also embarked on an extensive advertising campaign. If you’re reading the KiaOra Magazine or driving around Christchurch you might come across a cheeky Kea or two, some snow capped mountains or wind swept trees …Why? The campaign is about showcasing the extreme conditions that Calder Stewart Roofing’s products are tested in – featuring roofs on various DOC huts throughout the country.