Innovation Award

Posted 4 Sep 2015

New Factory Gets National Award from HERA

Milton -It was a proud moment for Steel Manager SEAN LLOYD, who, on behalf of Calder Stewart Steel, accepted the “Metals Industry Innovator of the Year Award” at the HERA Industry Awards Gala Dinner in Auckland this September. Such national recognition coming from HERA (Heavy Engineering Research Association) carries with it considerable prestige, placing the Calder Stewart name in front of a national audience of metals industry professionals. The award itself recognises innovation with respect to product, manufacturing or information technology in the metals and metals engineering field.

Our winning entry presented Calder Stewart‘s new Steel Fabrication Factory in Milton, now undergoing its finishing touches. As an exemplar of lean manufacturing process lines, utilising the latest fabrication technology and constantly improving with Continuous Sustainable Improvement (CSI) methodology, our factory was recognised as a trend setter within the industry. Notably, our inclusion in the competition was entirely by outside nomination.

Also awarded to the steel team was accreditation to the Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC), a quality assurance initiative established to ensure the safety of fabricated structural steel work. This would not have been possible without the sterling efforts of Quality Assurance Officer SHELLEY REYNOLDS who was responsible for developing the quality framework and most of the procedures that constitute the new steel quality system.

Special mention goes to Process Improvement Manager ANDY BISSET, who helped out on our entry and is bringing the factory up to full speed.