Mainfreight Invercargill

Posted 16 Nov 2012

Big But Intricately Specified

Invercargill - Mainfreight’s newly completed Terminal in Invercargill is now complete. Designed by Auckland’s BSW Architects, the 4,000m2 logistics facility sits within a 17,000m2 Mainfreight working site.

As Southland Construction Manager LINDSAY BOWMAR remarked, the project was “big yet intricately specified”, presenting several challenges along the way. These included accommodating existing rail operations; driving 4-6 metre piles for foundation work and the discovery of health related soil containment issues during the build. Yet despite the obstacles, Mainfreight is very pleased with the finished results – having moved in recently and terming it an exemplary facility within their operations.

The facility represents a great deal of planning which called for eco-conscious construction throughout, including water reclamation, day/night controlled warehouse lighting and solar heating. High quality internal materials and natural products were used to produce an attractive, employee friendly environment.

“It’s been a fantastic experience,” says Lindsay, who handed the keys to Mainfreight on November 9th. Now starts Stage 2, which sees demolition of previous buildings and another 4,000m2 of yard added.