May the Safest Man Win

Posted 25 Aug 2012

A Creative Charity Competition

25/08/2012 - Milton - When your company already has an industry recognised health and safety record, how do you push your safety performance through the roof? Turn it into a charity competition!

Fonterra contracted Calder Stewart to add a 10,000m2 dry store and covered rail siding to the former Fisher & Paykel factory in Mosgiel. In what is believed to be an industry-first, Fonterra presented a unique health & safety incentive to our construction team - a performance bonus for strong health and safety outcomes. The bonus would be donated to charities chosen by the team itself. According to Project Health and Safety Officer RAY MCLELLAN, the creative scheme “was aimed at getting buy-in from people on the job”.

The outcome? The team hit an extraordinary 98% of their markers over the course of the project. St John Ambulance and Otago Rescue Helicopter were chosen as the bonus recipients - fitting organisations given the nature of the competition. We extend congratulations to our client Fonterra for taking such a proactive and creative approach to health and safety.