New Sponsorship Directions

Posted 29 Sep 2015

Calder Stewart’s newly established Donations and Sponsorship Programme committee has come about due to an increasing number of sponsorship requests from both groups and individuals. The committee has a set of guidelines in place, and meets monthly to evaluate sponsorship applications on a case-by-case basis. The requests are allocated by region: either Otago, Southland, Canterbury or Auckland.

The committee receives a mixture of requests: internal from Calder Stewart employees, and external from community groups and organisations. Supporting local communities and staff is a major focus for Calder Stewart, and often these two overlap, which is great, as it means Calder Stewart can support both.

What Calder Stewart can offer varies. “We might assist sports teams by providing them with drink bottles, gear bags, player of the day vouchers, or apparel. In the past we have also run different initiatives like matching employee Movember contributions. Calder Stewart also matched every dollar employees donated out of their salaries to the Neurological Foundation,” says Development Executive Assistant NIKKI FYALL.

Calder Stewart supports a variety of organisations, such as the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, the New Zealand Fire Service, and offers numerous scholarships and awards. Calder Stewart also likes to get behind fun initiatives. “We’ve had staff involved in all sorts of activities, such as Mud, Sweat and Tears, the Moro Marathon6 Hour MTB challenge, Cultural Basketball competition, and we are hoping to offer Outward Bound Scholarships for staff too,” says Nikki. “If something is important to Calder Stewart staff, or to the Calder Stewart community, it is important to us,” she adds. “The committee will consider every single request, and every request we respond to with a personalised letter – regardless of the outcome.”