NZ Elite Nationals 2013

Posted 1 Feb 2013

Calder Stewart Steps Up as Premier Sponsor

01/02/2013 - Christchurch - Calder Stewart has a long history of supporting road cycling, starting with their sponsorship of the Tour of Southland over 15 years ago. So when the Elite Road National Championships needed a new premier sponsor Calder Stewart stepped up to the podium.

Why road cycling?

Calder Stewart’s Construction Manager DONALD SUTTON, a cycling fanatic himself explains “It’s a great sport and we are finding more and more of our clients and staff are getting into it – it’s great to see our brand out there associated with something as positive as staying active. The opportunity to further this association to those at the top of their game – elite cyclists, was inspiring and exciting to be part of.”


Just how popular road cycling is within the Calder Stewart staff and client network is evident in the amount of Calder Stewart cycling kits regularly spotted all around the region, “The kits have been a surprise from a marketing perspective, we have client’s ringing and asking for them!”, says Donald.

History of Sponsorship

Calder Stewart is proud of its sponsorship record. As a business that has benefited from the support of people in our community over the years, we like to give back wherever we can. Supporting local organisations has been an ongoing objective for the company since its inception. Calder Stewart has supported a wide range of initiatives, from the Tour of Southland, to the RSPCA, local schools and charities, as well as providing contra gear for community events. Sponsoring the Elite Road National Championships in 2013 follows in that tradition.