Revolution in the Making

Posted 29 Sep 2015

New Company Formed Around Harvesting Strategy

Calder Stewart Forestry Manager Craig Maaka is wearing a new cap these days - all part of his expanded role as Manager of Revolution Forest Harvesting, the new company formed under the Calder Stewart banner. For Craig, who has been taking care of Calder Stewart Forestry’s five separate plantation forests, the new role is an evolutionary one.

His new management role includes two primary directives. The first is overseeing the new gear put at his disposal: a Komatsu 430 Harvester and a Komatsu 865 Forwarder, two big rigs with abundant capabilities when it comes to getting logs to market. His second directive is seeing to it that they are properly manned - and to this end he has brought on two new workmen.

Long term, Revolution Forest Harvesting targets the processing of 90 tonnes of logs per day, primarily destined for Korean and Chinese markets.