Safety Report Update: 2015 - Q1

Posted 25 Mar 2015

Calder Stewart Setting an Industry Leading Trend

Milton - Calder Stewart is continuing to see a steady reduction in workplace injuries, with injury frequency rate now the lowest it has been since record keeping was started. ACC data for Calder Stewart Construction, confirms an injury rate is less than half that of the industry average.

Of the injuries that Calder Stewart have had, 60% were from strains and sprains and only one accident resulted in a worker needing more than a week off work.

The design features of some of Calder Stewart’s recent construction projects have highlighted the need for the company to manage employee exposure to potential falls from heights. To effectively diminish this, Calder Stewart has purchased a new edge protection system. This system enables Calder Stewart to provide high quality edge protection to buildings as they are going up.

This new system was recently deployed on the Synlait site at Dunsandel to great effect. The components can be assembled in a multitude of ways, covering building edges, internal voids, and stairways, and can be added to and adjusted as required. This is just one of the proactive measures Calder Stewart is taking to ensure workplace safety is a priority and is setting an exemplary safety standard within the industry.

ALLAN McDONALD, Health and Safety Manager.