Skellerup's Project Viking Announced

Posted 18 Jun 2014

Calder Stewart’s Unique Design & Build Strategy Wins Project

Christchurch - Another Calder Stewart project getting media coverage has been Project Viking, the new Skellerup factory to be constructed at Wigram Business Park in Christchurch. Moving due to earthquake damage to their previous site at Woolston, the supplier of world-class industrial dairy rubber wear products will have a new $30M / 18,900m2 facility by the end of 2015.

With a design and build turnkey solution required, the competition to secure the contract was fierce. Key to Calder Stewart’s success was an understanding of Skellerup’s manufacturing process to maximise efficiencies in the layout.

“Our design team worked closely with Skellerup to understand how the space was to be used. If you can cut down on product movement, you can make sure time (and money) are saved across the whole process”, says Calder Stewart Client Manager HERMAN VAN HEREL.

This, coupled with Calder Stewart’s access to teams of specialists across its divisions who could provide support around final costs, helped produce a package that was on budget and tailored to the precise business needs of Skellerup.

“Once again Calder Stewart proved it could deliver a design with long term benefits to the client. It isn’t always the cheapest pitch that secures the business. It’s about being comfortable that the building will be fit for purpose now and in the future”, says Herman.
Employing approximately two hundred staff and with room for expansion, the impact of the new building can’t be underestimated. “Ultimately this is a great news story for the manufacturing industry in Christchurch.

Skellerup has played and will continue to play a major part in the success of the area and we’re proud to be a part of the story”.