Synlait Office & Laboratory

Posted 28 Aug 2015

New Design & Build Project Now Becoming a Reality

Dunsandel -Synlait Milk Ltd, which is based in Dunsandel, has been working with Calder Stewart on another project, this time a stunning office and laboratory complex coming hard on the heels of a recent dry store completed last year.

This new 3585m² Design & Build project features a progressive second level office space, commanding western views of the Southern Alps, combined with ground floor state-of-the-art testing laboratory. Common to both was the requirement that they integrate seamlessly with existing structures, both Synlait’s existing dry store processing facility and its former office space. This provided logistical complexity to the build and required our team to proceed methodically.

As Site Manager TIM BURGESS puts it, “This was not a standard demolition, to remove old structures in order to build new. Our primary mandate was to build around the day-to-day workflow of Synlait’s dry store, allowing it to remain fully operational and, most crucially, pest-free and watertight. To accommodate this, the team constructed a new container wall before disassembling the old one to make way for the build,” says Tim. “The plan worked out well, but kept us on our toes.”

Also crucial was pinpoint scheduling. Synlait wanted to move into their offices prior to the completion of the downstairs laboratory, requiring the construction team to stagger aspects of the project’s deadlines, and to bring its interior design partner Unispace to the table early on in the process.

The final fit-out has Synlait management absolutely thrilled with their unique and very special new home. With floor tiles that mimic an aerial view of the Canterbury Plains, a ‘living wall’ made entirely of plants (with built in irrigation) and an open office plan that offers ample seating, informal conference space and even a coffee bar, the overall impression is warm and imaginative. Combined with an exterior that utilises high-spec materials such as Calder Stewart’s own Euro-Tray™, cedar cladding and a louvre/screen shading system branded in ‘Synlait Sky Blue’, the project is one that our whole team is proud of.