Taking a ‘Systems Approach’

Posted 21 Mar 2015

New Project Showcases Our Dairy Barn Systems

Ashburton - Hard on the heels of Calder Stewart’s Dairy Barn System marketing campaign, comes the commission of a 600 bale installation for Craig Copland of Canterbury. The decision to go for a ‘systems approach’ dairy barn that Calder Stewart could provide was a no-brainer for Craig. Already maintaining a large herd that he knows like the back of his hand, his view of taking on the project was that it would, Craig states, “...become a permanent asset – returning value for years to come (as seen in terms of productivity), and help me meet future environmental standards along with keeping my cows protected year-round.”

As Regional Construction Manager DONALD SUTTON suggested, “This project sets a perfect example of what a modern systems approach is capable of delivering. We worked closely with GEA Process Engineering to incorporate all the latest design trends & technology that would make this project standout.” Covering a total of 5200m2, much consultation and planning went into the build, even down to the use of pads to ensure cow comfort, along with incorporating the most efficient methods of handling air flow, water, effluent management and feed inventory.

The project is now fully equipped to meet Craig Copland’s operational goals for the upcoming winter season and indeed, for many seasons to come. To learn more about Calder Stewart’s systems approach to dairy barns, visit: