Tenants Queuing Up

Posted 12 Nov 2012

Moorhouse Ave Retail Office Attracts New Occupants

25/08/2012 - Christchurch - As one of the first from-scratch rebuilds in the Christchurch CBD, the Moorhouse Ave project for Paul Kelly Properties was always going to attract attention, but the Canterbury team exceeded expectations.

Originally intended as a ground floor retail /first floor office space project, the design-and-build project was hot property with several government departments expressing interest in second, third and fourth units - now currently under construction.

Site Foreman ANTS MCGINN is justifiably proud. “It’s an ever-changing landscape requiring a whole new approach by engineers with respect to designing to new earthquake standards.” he says, adding that the project threw up plenty of challenges. “The learning curve may have been steep, but the team has successfully completed phase one of the build.”
Ultimately, the Moorhouse Ave project demonstrates Calder Stewart’s ability to build to new earthquakes standards and our Canterbury team’s setting an important new precedent in ongoing ChCh rebuild efforts.